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Shane and Amanda <3 09.19.12 <3 We use this page to share our relationship and answer questions from people who need support, advice, or just a couple to relate to. We love being open and honest about our relationship and all that we ask is that serious questions be asked respectfully. Aka if you actually wanna know the answer, don't be rude. We have done long distance (Seattle to Utah for 7 months and Seattle to California for 9 months), lived together, and struggle with everything any normal couples goes through so please feel free to ask us anything!!

It depends on how much you’re making I think, but for the most part if you’re parents are helping you buy stuff like good and gas you should be able to put away 50% of your money. Say you make $400 a month at a part time job, $200 should go away. But, if you’re parents aren’t helping you with that stuff I would suggest trying to put away however much you can but at the minimum 10% which is an average amount for adults to put into their savings every month. It also depends on how much you’re going to need when you graduate. Honestly shopping a lot of the time is a huge waste. You’re going to be way better off saving most of your money for whatever you’re saving it for than buying a whole bunch of new clothes. Shopping shouldn’t be any more than like 25% of your income in my opinion but obviously I’m no finance major. Just logically though 25% is $100 out of $400 or like $1,000 out of $4,000, still a whole lot when you’re making a lot of money so keep that in mind.


We’re still putting together the finishing touches but so definitely will when everything’s all done!(: