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Shane and Amanda <3 09.19.12 <3 We use this page to share our relationship and answer questions from people who need support, advice, or just a couple to relate to. We love being open and honest about our relationship and all that we ask is that serious questions be asked respectfully. Aka if you actually wanna know the answer, don't be rude. We have done long distance (Seattle to Utah for 7 months and Seattle to California for 9 months), lived together, and struggle with everything any normal couples goes through so please feel free to ask us anything!!
  Lilith Saintcrow, Strange Angels (via kushandwizdom)

You won’t hurt yourself if you start with proper weights! You may feel you’re not very strong but once you start you might pick it up more quickly than you think! When you first start, shoot for a goal of 10-12 reps each exercise about 3-5x. If your goal isn’t fat loss and it’s more about muscle gain but you’re just starting out, this will help your muscles get used to working with lighter weights. If you’ve never done a dumbbell curl in your life, start with 5lbs. If you can do 5 easy for 3 sets of 10, move up to 7.5lbs. Once that seems too easy, move up to 10lbs and so on! You have listen to your body and know the difference between it working hard and it actually hurting. Shaking means working! Sharp pain means hurting. You should be struggling the last couple of reps, don’t be afraid to get those muscles really working hard. That’s how they get stronger! For every exercise and working I would say start at the lowest weights you can and test them, maybe 3 or 4 reps and if it’s a joke and way too easy move up. Sometimes you’ll find something you haven’t done before and you’re really strong in that specific area so you can rack up a lot of weight, other times there are muscles that need fine tuning and you’ll think you can lift a lot but really they are much harder to work than you think. Don’t get defeated, just work your way up. That’s my best advice! Hope that helps(: